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Misconception #2: “The Bible is myth.” Another common misconception about the Bible is that it is a myth. As with the previous misconception, there is a sense in which it ...
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Letter 47 September 15, 1963 Dear Father Louis: I received your letter of August 1st with the copy of the latter for Cintio [Vitier], which I sent to him. He ...
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Leadership and Faithfulness When religious people, especially those who are Jews and Christians, talk about connecting their convictions with their work, discussion commonly focuses on the contribution their “faith” makes ...
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Love ‣ Know Speak Do 10 Discovering Where Change is Needed Mike and Marsha had asked if we could talk because “things were such a mess.” They both seemed frazzled, ...
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INTRODUCTION TO THE COUNCIL OF TRENT’S DECREE ON JUSTIFICATION BY JUST a couple of years into the Reformation, Luther had appealed his cause to a General Council of the Church. ...
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The United Monarchy Saul’s Monarchy Saul’s name, which means “the one asked for,” epitomized the role he was to play in biblical history. He was the king the people asked ...
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JONAH Nineveh was a bad place in which to hang out back in the old days. It certainly wasn’t a place that we would consider receptive to the message of ...
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AS CALDERONE CONTINUED TO ENDURE attacks on her and on SIECUS by the John Birch Society and fundamentalists like Drake and Hargis, she grew wearier and angrier but no less ...
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4 The Inquisition While French troops reduced the Languedoc to the sort of barren wasteland we might more readily associate with Arthurian myth or the nightmares of Bosch and Bruegel, ...
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Throughout history, nuns act just as priests do when celibacy is forced upon them. Once again, it’s the old divine law of human nature: The more sex feels prohibited, the ...
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EVANGELIZATION AND POPE FRANCIS Robert Barron, unabashedly and unmistakably, is a St. John Paul II sort of Catholic cleric. He was swept up by the boldness of John Paul, his ...
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Separation One thing that strikes even casual observers of Opus Dei almost immediately is the strict separation between men and women in virtually every aspect of life. Male and female ...
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274 · Jerrell H. Shofner Florida’s Capitol at Tallahassee as it appeared in the 1870s. A cupola would be added in proof 1891, and the building would serve until a ...
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