azw3 |eng | 2017-03-24 | Author:Ritesh Modi [Modi, Ritesh]

Git init Git init initializes an empty Git repository with an empty history. The command can be executed using Git for Windows and is shown next: Git init It initializes ...
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Path 1: Excel This section covers the Excel implementation, If you’re following Path 2, all the techniques should be implemented in Excel, as shown in this section, and will be ...
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azw3 |eng | 2017-08-25 | Author:O'Hearn, Steve [O'Hearn, Steve]

In the example, the values returned by RANK are in the column SQ_FT_RK. The rows are partitioned by ROOM_STYLE, so those are sorted first; then within a given partition, rows ...
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epub |eng | 2016-12-14 | Author:Kaehler, Adrian & Bradski, Gary

Figure 16-16. The point P is a keypoint candidate for the FAST algorithm. The ring of points that contribute to the classification of P are identified by a circle around ...
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KNN classifier with breast cancer Wisconsin data example Breast cancer data has been utilized from the UCI machine learning repository for illustration purposes. Here the task is to find ...
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azw3 |eng | 2017-03-23 | Author:Dr. Param Jeet & Prashant Vats [Jeet, Dr. Param]

Figure 5.4: Normalized price series, difference, and trading signals The upper (ub) and lower bounds (lb) of the difference series can be calculated by adding and subtracting n times standard ...
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7.1. Smart Pointers 101 So what’s a smart pointer? A smart pointer is a C++ class that mimics a regular pointer in syntax and some semantics, but it does more. ...
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Defining classes A class is defined in a statement, and it will define its members in a block with multiple statements enclosed by braces {}. As it's a statement, you ...
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epub |eng | 2014-01-09 | Author:Robert Liguori & Patricia Liguori

Tip Byte values include [k|K] for kilobytes, [m|M] for megabytes, and [g|G] for gigabytes. Note that –XX options are not guaranteed to be stable. They are not part of the ...
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We could implement SGD with Tesser by taking advantage of the fact that the combiner is applied serially, and treat each chunk as a mini-batch from which the coefficients could ...
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parseInt(str [, radix]) These functions return a numeric value when given a string as an argument. The parseInt function parses its first argument, the string str, and attempts to return ...
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In the next figure, you see that the new Sold+Lost field shows up as an available entry in the field list. With Sold+Lost in the Values field, the total that’s ...
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