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9 Bad Sport THE QUIET AUSTRALIAN The twelve-month period from the summer of 2014 to the summer of 2015 tested my mettle as a businesswoman. I fell in love, came ...
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2. Taxation of corporate profits and dividend distributions Systems of taxation of corporate profits and dividend distributions to shareholders can vary a lot from State to State. In this respect, ...
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Peasants into the market Development also transformed the old paddy tracts. After 1945, international agencies were interested in expanding Thailand’s rice surplus to help feed the war-torn countries of Asia ...
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The Nagasaki Incident of 1886 In the immediate wake of the Nagasaki Affair and the release of Mine Susumu, relations between the Japanese authorities and the Chinese community soured even ...
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In contrast to traditional presentations, I have shown in my study of dictatorship that even the seventeenth-century authors of natural law understood the question of sovereignty to mean the question ...
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Problematizing “Gender Justice” These problems with the politics, meaning-creation, and violence of international criminal trials for sexual violence in war and conflict stem from what I argue are misunderstandings of ...
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Conclusion It is doubtful that Crosby or any subsequent judgment of the Supreme Court will ever absolutely resolve the built-in constitutional conflict between the protection of the rights of the ...
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Saga Seven What was that smell? Riikka jolted awake. Where was she? She blinked a couple of times, trying to orient herself. Very slowly, she scanned around. Above her, a ...
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THE ‘ADVERTISING’ EXCLUSION[162] 10.89 Although advertising liability is covered by the Bermuda Form policy and is a defined term,[163] exclusions qualify the cover. Advertising liability is not, in our experience, ...
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Ancillary Measures The following are the main ancillary or supportive orders that may be relevant at the time of or in anticipation of enforcement of an award. i. Security for ...
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Representation and Authorization107 Concept of representation Civil law subjects may execute their civil law rights and duties in Russia, as elsewhere, not only personally but also through their representatives. It ...
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To Kelley, the trial and its run-up had served as fascinating laboratories for the study of the group dynamics of aggression, criminal motivation, defense mechanisms of the guilty, depression, and ...
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