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AGENCY RECORDS The broad outlines of the federal Freedom of Information Act, the nine areas of exempted information, and suggested ways in which a journalist or citizen can use the ...
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O B J E C T I O N ! 1 6 7 A C O U R T R O O M R E A L I T Y ...
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9 Meeting the Risks of Generativity: Privacy 2.0 So far this book has explored generative successes and the problems they cause at the technical and content layers of the Internet. ...
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In order to establish a right to be forgotten within false-light claims and to utilize retraction laws, U.S. law would still need to change to treat old information that is ...
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semicolon (;) In general, use the semicolon to indicate a greater separation of thought and information than a comma can convey but less than the separation that a period implies. ...
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5 The New Economics of Television Madison Avenue is stuck in a 1950s time warp. While the era of mass media has long since departed—just glance at the hundreds of ...
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(1) The [Secretary of State] may by regulations provide that, in such cases as may be prescribed, a request for information under any provision of subsection (1) of section 7 ...
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As you can see, since you promised the record company that outside songs wouldn’t cost more than 75% of 9.1¢, the excess comes out of your mechanicals on the other ...
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