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CHAPTER 5 A Cautionary Tale At the outset, the case of Love v. LSAC was all about diagnostic guidelines, legal standards, and the life of Jonathan M. Love. The guiding ...
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Back to the Future: Internal Whistleblower Protections Under Dodd-Frank As part of the historic financial reforms enacted after the 2008 financial crisis, Congress added an antiretaliation law to the legal ...
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Ancillary Measures The following are the main ancillary or supportive orders that may be relevant at the time of or in anticipation of enforcement of an award. i. Security for ...
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After Servatius concluded his examination came the long-awaited confrontation—“the battle of wits”—which the spectators who packed the courtroom had been anticipating: Hausner’s cross-examination. The exchange—described by one observer as a ...
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10 My Yale racing career was over. My four years of eligibility had expired, even though I had one more term of college to complete. I no longer had the ...
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May 18, 1946 This afternoon we discussed some personal history, particularly regarding Schacht’s family. He said, “For centuries my ancestors came from Schleswig-Holstein. Originally they were peasants and farmers, but ...
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CHAPTER 28 A COUPLE OF days into the jingle truck recovery, Hill was waiting for the last of the lowboy trailers to show up when MAJ Smith called him into ...
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9.46 A’s consent is not necessary to effect an attornment by B to D101 in the sense of creating an obligation owed by B to D. However, without such consent ...
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Surveys 16.31 An initial safety inspection is required before a Permanent Certificate of Registry is issued. Deregistration procedure 16.32 If the owner of a Liberian vessel wishes to transfer it ...
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4. Legalizing Drones There is nothing mystical about drones. They are neither inherently “evil” nor the answer to US national security concerns. Drone strikes are just another tactic in America’s ...
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CHAPTER 36 Tano Pisano never expected to have much of a relationship with Rüdiger Heim, the slightly withdrawn young man he got to know a little in Florence. Where the ...
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The new reality of Al Qaeda forced itself once again into the debate. On May Day (May 1), 2010, another young Islamist tried to conduct mass murder in America. This ...
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