Biological Sciences
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* * * BOX 12.1 | HEMISPHERECTOMIES This operation is an extreme version of the one performed on Henry Molaison. Of course, doctors would not do this operation if it ...
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2.Is the selection of patients to groups randomized? 3.Are inclusion and exclusion criteria strictly applied? 4.Were patients, their clinicians, and study personnel “blinded” to the treatment? 5.Compare and ensure that ...
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Step 3: Pouring the Agar Monitor the temperature of the agar. It will be extremely hot when you remove it—up to 200°F (93°C)—but it cools quickly. I use an infrared ...
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Chapter 16 Alec THE DAYS AFTER LILITH went into treatment were long, dull, and boring. I tried to find things to do to keep my mind off her, but nothing ...
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Sexual Selection Rory Sutherland Executive Creative Director and Vice Chairman, OgilvyOne, U.K.; columnist, The Spectator; author, The Wiki Man Having been born in the tiny Welsh village of Llanbadoc 141 ...
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* * * *According to The Guardian, Lachmann was a consultant for such companies as Geron Biomed, Adprotech, and SmithKline Beecham. †In a February 16, 1999, press release, the Rowett ...
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Tricks of the Trade When you design a garden to avoid deer damage, the most important considerations — the purpose of your garden and the overall look you desire — ...
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FOOLS RUSH IN: APPLYING THE FINDINGS OF THE SCIENCE OF MORALITY HOW CAN THE insights we already have in hand be used to foster the best of our behaviors and ...
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mRNA Translation Initiation of Translation The synthesis of a protein molecule by ribosomes under the guidance of mRNA is called translation. Protein synthesis begins with a complex initiation process involving ...
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Violets I, N Viola species Abundant, pretty, and mild in flavor, wild violets make nice additions to wild green salads and in sweet desserts. Beautiful violets How to Identify Wild ...
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Asexual reproduction occurs by a variety of methods in plants and can involve different organs: Stems: Stems may extend from the parent plant, forming new individuals at intervals. Strawberries, such ...
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Doing the math: How many ATP can you make from the energy in a glucose molecule? The exact number of ATP molecules you’d get for breaking down a glucose molecule ...
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When Frost returned to America, he set about planting his last orchard near his writing cabin in Ripton. He began having discussions about the orchard with a local nursery the ...
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