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Malin James is a writer with a book fetish. Her work has appeared in anthologies for Cleis Press among others, including The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories and ...
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epub |eng | 2004-09-23 | Author:Nora Roberts; J. D. Robb [Robb, Nora Roberts; J. D.]

CHAPTER THIRTEEN Feeney erupted. It was a vicious, feral, and inventive tirade that was peculiarly Irish in tone. It was that brilliant and blue rant Eve heard as she walked ...
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JON The hill jutted above the dense tangle of forest, rising solitary and sudden, its windswept heights visible from miles off. The Wildlings called it the Fist of the First ...
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EDDARD HE DREAMT AN OLD DREAM, of three knights in white cloaks, and a tower long fallen, and Lyanna in her bed of blood. In the dream his friends rode ...
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She smiled a smile that made him wish that she was plainer. “I saw you standing with him. You’re taller by a hand, or near enough. It has been a ...
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Tricks of the Trade When you design a garden to avoid deer damage, the most important considerations — the purpose of your garden and the overall look you desire — ...
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4. impoverish v. To make a person or group poor The collapse of the steel industry impoverished several counties in eastern Ohio. Parts of speech impoverishment n 5. luxury n. ...
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* * * In his house on Chestnut Road, Barry Martin decided to abandon most of the furniture that had been his mother’s. He had first intended to arrange for ...
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"Many people there to watch it?" "At least a dozen - probably more." Poirot made an expressive grimace. "My poor Japp, your task is not an easy one." "Once I ...
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"Would you divorce her if you had the chance?" "If I had cause I certainly would." He spoke grimly. "I suppose," said Venetia thoughtfully, "she knows that." "Yes." They were ...
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Chapter Two The diner wasn’t the ideal place for his homecoming kiss, Brad Davis thought, but he could never deny Violet anything. Sex was waiting to happen. Yet all he ...
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Practice Read and annotate the passage that appears on the following page. Write down the summary you create in the blanks that appear at the end of the passage. Once ...
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