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LEFT—One of many stone constructions overlooking the Red Deer River. RIGHT—Aerial photo shows the huge extent of the medicine wheel’s rim. RON BARNETT PHOTOGRAPH ACADIA VALLEY The medicine wheel in ...
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Muskoka Muskoka’s pristine lakes, islands of gnarled pines, and rugged, remote beaches pull people to their shores like a great magnet. In the early 1800s, few people knew Muskoka existed. ...
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Everyone was kind to him, as if he was a fixture in the neighbourhood, and perhaps that is one way to look at a neighbourhood, to see how their local ...
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Chapter 14 Of the Duty of a Prince In Respect of Military Affairs A Prince, therefore, should have no care or thought but for war, and for the regulations and ...
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* * * Chapter Twelve The bush plane let them off in a meadow five kiloms from Trafalgar’s mysterious compound. Unfortunately, those kilometers were straight up. Even sleds couldn’t go ...
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View map Toronto Eaton Centre Atrium, Toronto Eaton Centre While it might seem strange that a shopping center is the city’s most popular tourist attraction – according to the numbers, ...
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9 Old King Coal Alberta sits directly to the west of Saskatchewan and is the fourth largest of the ten provinces at over 600,000 square kilometres. When you consider that ...
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World’s Biggest Islands Of the world’s 100 largest islands (Greenland is the biggest) 22 are Canadian. Here they are, listed by rank: 5Baffin Island 8Victoria Island 10Ellesmere Island 15Newfoundland 24Banks ...
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16. My head feels fuzzy like my tongue and I can’t think what I am doing lying under a tree and it is dark and we aren’t supposed to be ...
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Nine The Invisible Founders SO, THIS IS what it feels like to die. I was not alone in thinking this. Later, days after I had used up several of the ...
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4. Burgundy Lion, Montreal Located on an increasingly popular strip just south of downtown, this bar resembles a modern English pub, and is home to the British expat community in ...
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HIGHLIGHTS LOOK FOR M TO FIND RECOMMENDED SIGHTS, ACTIVITIES, DINING, AND LODGING. M Columbia Icefield: Don’t miss this glacial area at the southern end of Jasper National Park. Take the ...
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SWIMMING The best beaches and ocean swimming is east of downtown starting at Oak Bay and extending all the way up the Saanich Peninsula. Most of the summer crowds spend ...
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